Administrative Staff
A Message From Mrs. Thenell

Dear Lion Families,

Welcome to the 2023-24 school year! At TJHS, we believe that there is nothing more important than giving your child the best education possible. School is a place for growing and learning, and our staff works hard to provide a meaningful learning environment for all students. We also believe in balance; school should be an enjoyable place for our staff and students. We recognize achievements, value kind-spirited humor and competition, focus on effort, and express gratitude for one another’s positive contributions to our school community.

Our goal this year is to build a culture of learning in our staff and students. Appropriately rigorous coursework will be the order of the day. Students will feel challenged, but will also have the support necessary to be successful. Personal accountability for work production will be emphasized and celebrated. Our students and staff should feel pride and accomplishment at the end of each school day!

We welcome family and community feedback and recognize that your support is vital to our success. If you are looking for ways to be an active part of the Lion family, please call the office for more information. We can be reached at (503) 842-7531.

All the best,

Mrs. Karen Thenell, Principal