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Las familias que necesitan un intérprete, por favor llame al Latino Family Center al ​(503) 815-7120

To watch the information about both 7th & 8th Grade Electives for the 2022-23 School Year, please click on the videos provided!

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TJHS is a Discovery School

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This is a program to help students gain important skills so they will be successful at TJHS, at the High School and beyond.

Students learn how to stay in "Adult Mode", solve problems, manage their emotions, and resolve conflicts. They meet with their Discovery groups each morning to check-in and build community. At the beginning of each school year students spend two full days with their Discovery groups going over the 6 Ps (Prompt, Prepared, Polite, Positive Mental Attitude, Participate, Produce), learning about Attending Skills, how to fill out a Problem-solving Contract, and bond with their new team. We are so excited to see these Lions flourish throughout the year!